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At this point everything’s on hold and we have no idea what is going on.

Originally we were going to have a small ceremony the 13ths (earlier this month) in Romeo’s parents’ backyard. My mother, however, got on a control kick (as she did with the planning during my first engagement) and was insistent on (what I and Romeo both felt was) controlling my wedding and turning it into something neither Romeo or I wanted. We mutually agreed to forgo it and place everything on hold, cancelling it.

Since then we’ve decided that we’re going to go through the name changes first to at least get his name switched to our chosen combined last name so that it will make it easier on us when we finally do get married…. When we’re getting married, though, we have no idea at this point and we’re not even sure is moving to Louisville by this time next year is even going to be a possibility, either.



Photography:  Nerinna Studios
Event Design:  Fatty Freckles
Event Planning:  Blissful Events
Floral Design:  McCallum Designs
Makeup:  Ellyse
Jewelry:  NCC Diamonds
Dress:  Watters
Bakery:  Artistic Bites
Venue:  Sanborn Park
Model:  Sarah Agar
Bridal Accessories & Table Brooches:  Something Treasured

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We’ve decided to move the date up to September 12th of this year.

The reason for this is that we want to move to Kentucky next year. Unfortunately the prime and cheapest time to move would be between August and March due to Louisville having a large college population- which, obviously, puts a damper in wedding plans as there’s no conceivable way we can save for both a wedding and a big move like that.

To us, moving is more important than having a large wedding, so we’re going to do a small courthouse ceremony this year (I don’t want to let go of a September date and it may make moving easier on us if we’re already married when we move), followed by a small party for local friends and family.

To the wedding party: You’ve already been updated. Nothing’s changed for you guys from when we spoke last <3

" I could have every single part of your body pressed against mine and I’d still say ‘pull me closer’. "

" My body literally aches at the thought of never seeing you again. "

" Marry a guy who is as smart as you and will challenge you. And can make you laugh. That is the most important. "

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" Marry someone who can make you laugh in public and scream in bed. "

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Date Updates and Things

The date for the wedding has officially been moved up Once month to September 13th instead of the original October 13th. We figure in September it’s going to be a nice medium between October’s chill and Summer’s scorching heat (knowing Oklahoma, though, who on Earth knows).

Outside of that, satdeshret will be joining you lovely ladies as bridesmaids…. And that’s about it, I think.

Desh: I need you to go through the “Wedding Party" tag and catch up when you can + give me your answer to this one so I can go ahead and get that squared away.

" He carries stars in his pockets because he knows she fears the dark. Whenever sadness pays her a visit, he paints galaxies on the back of her hands. "

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Wedding Date

Romeo and I were talking yesterday about the possibility of moving the wedding date up a little bit. Maybe by a month or two.

The problem with October here is that it’s hit or miss about whether or not it’s going to be freezing, or decent. Since we want an outdoor wedding, I don’t really want it to be freezing.

The problem with August is that it’s hit or miss whether or not we’ll have a “late heat” that’ll extend through August… So August 13th might be iffy. 

September’s usually the “in between” month, but can still get kind of cold… But we’ll more than likely settle for September instead of October because of the higher likelihood of it being nicer (but still fall) for an outdoor wedding.

We’ll keep you guys updated :)

Special pings to beagmactire and breelandwalker as BM’s

" Be committed, not attached. But more importantly, know the difference. "

- Kai, Lessons in Life #21 (via breanna-lynn)

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Could you imagine getting an apartment with the person you love. Falling asleep beside each other, and waking up to see that cute little dopey smile they make when they first get up. You’d never have a bad start to your day, because they’d be the perfect start.

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" He carries stars in his pockets because he knows she fears the dark. Whenever sadness pays her a visit, he paints galaxies on the back of her hands. "

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